Tackling and Grappling with Overwhelm

Jade Scott
3 min readOct 11, 2023
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I haven’t written here in a couple of days. The negativity started to win again. No matter how many times I said it wouldn’t. My task list got extra long daunting and scary. For some seeing everything written out feels calming, for me it feels calming too, but in the process of writing everything out there are intense moments of panic and dis-regulation where I begin to feel like I am foaming at the mouth waiting for something to give.

I am also overwhelmed with the world and the news. I feel like our methods of getting information are becoming increasingly biased and it terrifies me. I see group think happening in droves and people unable to fully see an issue due to their own biases and personal trauma. As a soft bodied empath I mistakenly have begun to doom scroll in the name of self education only to be met with a feeling of hopelessness and being a disgusted observer of humanity and our inability to fully see one another as human beings. I’m not talking about one issue in general. There are many things happening on a local level where I live and on a global level that are human atrocities and trying to hold space for all of them has been taxing beyond anything.

There is a deep overwhelm in our society right now. I can feel it through my whole body. I can feel myself trying to hold all the truths at once and trying to speak for everyone when there is a powerful lesson that is underneath it all.

There is a falsity right now in society that it is horrific to be silent. Silence is violence we always say. There is a time and place for everything honestly. There is a time to speak out and there is a time to listen to others and find what resonates with the depth of yourself rather than jumping on the first thing and the person who speaks the loudest. There is a time to attack your task list and do everything and make your needs known and there is a time to sit back and listen to what you need to do versus trying to do a panicked productivity dance for the sake of appeasing the capitalist gods of our culture.

I find that for myself sitting in silence has been really helping me with the overwhelm I’ve been feeling. It helps me actually wrestle with it. There are times when I want to just turn on the tv or watch another horrific clip on my phone but I am realizing that is a form of…