On the Fullness of the Human Condition

Jade Scott
3 min readOct 22, 2023
Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

I’ve been trying to write lately. The words haven’t really been coming in the same way they used to. Seeing all the terrifying things that are happening right now in the world has been changing me. I only have strange poems. I only have broken sentences. I only have a deep longing for liberation and freedom.

I’ve been in this place before at a younger time in my life. When the Black Lives Matter movement first started and when the first murders by police were filmed. I was filled with a deep unending rage. I felt as though the sky was opening up and all I had was angry words to the world. I felt fearless and filled with unbridled anger.

Recently it has turned to sadness. When I see the things happening all over all I feel is deep sadness. From Gaza to the unhoused in San Francisco. From geopolitical warfare to late stage capitalism gaslighting us into not caring about a global pandemic growing and changing. Normalizing disease and disaster. Feeling all of it at once has made my blood run cold.

I yell into the echo chamber of the internet only to feel hollow and hateful. Replacing powerlessness with the sounds of hope for a revolution which only few of us are willing to actually stand up for. A revolution of peace. A time of caring for one another and uplifting community. Not everyone wants that, and that breaks my heart. How…