For The Humans Who Are Too Soft to Be Hardened By The World.

Jade Scott
3 min readOct 2, 2023
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

Our mothers taught us to be tough because the world is tough. Our fathers taught us to be cold because the world is cold. We were met with intensity when being raised by our guardians. We were met with cruel tactics and things that would mirror the system we would grow up in. For most of us it worked. We either became mirrors of the hardened adults we were around, or we were able to thrive under harsh circumstances and come out like a determined excellent strivers for success.

There are others of us who aren’t so lucky. There are those of us who have the intensity of a daffodil and the strength of a marigold. There are those of us who cry at the sight of a sunrise and who sigh while looking in the eyes of a baby dove. The world tried to break us and possibly even did break us, but as hard as we tried to harden we still pick up trash on the side of the street to put in the trash can. We still hold doors for the elderly. We still smile at strangers. We still believe in the falsity of decency. We are the soft ones.

We are the ones who get exhausted after being at a social function for three days. We are the ones who can touch the shoulder of a crying friend and feel their pain rippling underneath our fingertips. We are the soft ones who are constantly feeling every moment of their lives past, present, and the perceived future every second of the day.

For us. I say. We are beautiful. We are worthy of being here. Though the world tries to desperately harden our hearts it is virtually impossible. We have been through hell and have felt every moment of it. We have also felt deeply every moment of bliss that we have known. Sometimes the pain is more palpable than the joy.

For us I say, feel the joy and remember it. Take physical pictures and take pictures in your mind's eye of moments that bring you up that rollercoaster of emotion. Hold on to it. Bring them up in the scary times. Breathe them in with gratitude. Practice whispering those moments under your breath when your world is crashing around you.

In the same way, when you are overjoyed and when you are at the highest peak, I implore you to look down. Look at how far you’ve come. Remember those moments when things were bleak. See how high up you are from the depths where…